Scientists Discover A Cancer-Fighting Property In Cruciferous Veggies –

Scientists Discover A Cancer-Fighting Property In Cruciferous Veggies –

While we’re practically headed out the door to stock up on these cancer-fighting veggies, Yu-Ru Lee, Ph.D., member of the Pandolfi lab and an author of the paper, points out that in order to get these benefits you’d have to eat 6 pounds of the raw cruciferous veggies, which doesn’t sound too appealing. Luckily, the team is working to make it so we can get the benefits without having to eat that many raw vegetables. 

“Either genetic or pharmacological inactivation of WWP1 with either CRISPR technology or I3C could restore PTEN function and further unleash its tumor suppressive activity,” said Pandolfi in a statement. “These findings pave the way toward a long-sought tumor suppressor reactivation approach to cancer treatment.”

The plan is to develop a stronger, more targeted WWP1 suppressor that can more aggressively stop tumor growth sans the heavy intake of raw veggies. In the meantime, it’s pretty exciting to think that this new knowledge about some of our favorite veggies may inform the next new cancer therapy. 

So, it’s probably not a great idea to eat 6 pounds of raw cruciferous veggies today, but it’s worth trying to incorporate more of these into your diet, as this study reinforces the fact that these foods do contain cancer-fighting properties. If you’re hoping for some creative ways to add more in, we have delicious recipes that include raw Brussels sprouts and some with roasted cauliflower. Start experimenting in the kitchen and feel good knowing you’re eating foods that are literally healing from the inside out.


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