Giants fans, NFL media reacts to Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. trade – 247Sports

Giants fans, NFL media reacts to Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. trade – 247Sports

Francesa has ranted and raved about Beckham in the past.

Last season,  the animated radio host delivered a heated and emotional monologue about why he believes the Giants should kick Beckham out of town and get rid of him via trade. Francesa’s rant was sparked by recent comments made by Beckham who questioned why the Giants offensive game plan did not feature more passing shots down the field against the Philadelphia Eagles secondary, who started three players who weren’t even on the roster to start the 2018 regular season, during a 25-22 loss in Week 12.

According to Francesa, he’s sick and tired about hearing whether or not Beckham is happy to be a member of the Giants and/or with the direction the franchise is moving on the offensive side of the ball.

“For once, can I come out of one game one time and not have there be a Beckham story of some type we worry about and everybody in this town worrying about whether he’s happy, whether he is being utilized right, whether he is content with the game plan, whether he is on board, whether the coaches are connecting with him?” Francesa said at the start of his show Tuesday, via WFAN. “I am so sick of this Beckham garbage. It is so overrated, and it is such absolute nonsense, and the media’s caught it so badly.

“We have been dealing with this nonsense since the day this guy arrived in this town,” Francesa added. “Do you know what the Giants record is since the day he showed up — 29-47. Do you realize that? 29 and 47.

“Let me tell you something else — this preoccupation with these prima donna wide receivers in this new age of passing is so overrated it is unbelievable. These wide receivers, the big three — Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, and Beckham — right now under contract for $234 million combined. They have been in the league for 22 years of combined service and do you know how many Super Bowls they’ve won? None.  Enough!” Francesa also added. “The best thing that could happen is they kick his rear end out of town and start over. Has it worked? He played in one playoff game, and he stunk. I am so sick of hearing about him it’s ridiculous.”

Francesa added that Beckham has played in one playoff game and the Giants lost.

“Now you’re throwing the football down the field to someone else and that’s a problem,” Francesa asked rhetorically. “Everything’s a problem. Since the Giants started kissing his rear end, they haven’t won a game! Enough already! 

“Geez, I thought Plaxico Burress was nuts. He’s a saint compared to these idiots.”


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